Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day

For mother's day Samuel got to wear this sailor outfit. Which was my dads when he was little.
All of my brothers have worn it and now it is getting passed on to the grandkids.

 We were at my families for the afternoon. They played some ultimate Frisbee.

Here is Samuel with dad.

And mom and dad with their grandkids. It was kind of bright out. :)

Mother's Day Brunch

Over mother's day weekend I had fun hosting the mother, daughter brunch at our church.
                  The theme was "Hats off to Mothers" and I used a bunch of old hats to decorate the tables.

For favors I made these little hats and filled them with candy.

They were a lot of fun to make!

And the food. I served yogurt parfaits and breakfast casserole with banana bread.

For a game we did a version of Pictionary. They had to draw different "hats" or jobs that moms do.
Like baker, coach, chauffeur. Things like that.


A couple of weeks ago Silas milked for his dad over the weekend. One of the nights Samuel and
I joined him in the barn.
Silas was happy to be back in the barn. He hasn't been
out there in quite some time.

Samuel was very interested in the cows.

He fell asleep before it was all over.